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Tools recommendation for beginners

Recently I have been collecting a few setups and details for beginners, so I thought I should first at least share the tools that are most wanted in programming. Among most blogs, a few things that are worth noting and investing is the IDE that you use regularly to write applications. Make sure it has everything a programmer needs, make sure you don't have to install a third-party product to start working.

I have recently changed my Wordpress blog for programmers' page, and added more details to it. Beginners in following fields can get details on which tools to use to start their programming. Once they have learnt, they can continue to use their own choice, mostly because you will find a lot of guidance, tips and other startup recommendations from other experts. That is why, you should use the product that is highly used and recommended by experts (personally, I am no expert!).
  1. Windows programming
  2. Android programming
  3. Java programming
  4. Misc programming guides
You can read the page with updated contents on my blog. Remember to share your thoughts! :-)


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