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Hello, Programmers!

For past few months or a year as a whole I have not been active on Blogger instead I have been working around my learning processes through MSDN, CodeProject, C# Corner and a few other resources, mostly personal. So, now that I know a bit about programming I thought I should start my progress back on Blogger also.

So, this is it for programmers and developers all across the globe. I would be sharing my articles, code samples, projects and other news and resources on Blogger also. You can follow the blog right away to receive the upcoming feeds.

In the meantime, you can review my profiles on different social networks for programmers and check out if the profiles have some good content for you.

  1. MSDN -- Microsoft Developer Network
  2. CodeProject
  3. C# Corner
Do not forget to read the resources provided and to share it with other friends. I am (in the meantime) also writing a book for C# beginners, titled (as of now) as "Visual C# -- Beginners Guide" which is yet to be released soon. Wait for some time until I compile the book and publish it. 

You can also follow me at twitter (@afzaalvirgoboy) to tweet me about questions or other news, I would be looking forward to your queries there. 

Meet you soon! 


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