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Setting Up a MongoDB Server on Alibaba Cloud

Since the early days of NoSQL, many database engines have been developed but MongoDB is no doubt one of the pioneers in the scalable, fault-tolerant NoSQL database. MongoDB itself is document-oriented, meaning you store the documents, not objects and entities. And this the core concept of the NoSQL databases, you don't manage the relations between the entities, rather, you store them with them. It's like, instead of assembling Lego pieces as needed and returning them back to their own blocks, you prepare a complete object, and then store it in the box—saves time each time you have to show what you built. This is something that happens when we are trying to store the objects (the documents!), and data inside the MongoDB server. MongoDB internally takes care of several concepts for us, such as (but not limited to) sharding, replication, indexing and much more of similar operational management services.

Recently, I stumbled upon Alibaba Cloud services for databases, their Apsara…

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