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YouTube Channel

Apart from posting the articles on CodeProject, C# Corner or other platforms, I am also actively contributing some tutorials on YouTube that you can (and should) definitely look.

Primarily, I am covering Visual Studio Team Services, Microsoft Azure and a bit of .NET Core for everything. My basic focus these days, is to explain most of the tools, frameworks and concepts in a friendly way.

By the term friendly, I mean,

  1. In a way that I myself learnt the concepts.
  2. In a way, reader expects to learn.
    • I sometimes do fail on this one.
    • But, I try my best to make sure this don't happen most of the times. 
  3. In a simple way, that is easily understandable. 
  4. Most of the work is provided free of cost, on GitHub as well. 
So, you should consider following me on YouTube to continue learning more, and forcing me to share more stuff that you want to learn. 

Happy learning! 


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