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A few tips for security in .NET framework

Hello everybody, I am back with another good article for covering security in .NET framework for passwords of users. Although I was very much disappointed by the articles and resources published previously by many editors and authors. So I thought I must publish an article that covers all of the parts, that a good article needs.

I wrote an article for C# Corner community specifically, titled as: Efficiently Storing Passwords in .NET Framework. In that article I have discussed a lot of points and topics that a reader is trying to get in an article about Cryptography. A few major points are:

What is cryptography? Why protect the passwords?How password should be protected?What algorithms are there to protect my password.Which of those algorithms are out-dated and which are expensive for my company?Where would the algorithms in .NET framework work.
And many more similar things are discussed there. Another major thing to understand is the usage of Salt. A salt is a random string generated …

Formatting and working with Date objects in JavaScript

Recently I have posted a new article on C# Corner about date objects in JavaScript. I have always found more questions from beginners about Date objects in JavaScript, as compared to questions for Date objects in a server-side language.

Date object in JavaScript has many things that cause it to lag behind Date objects in server-side languages. Or maybe, it is true to say that JavaScript doesn't need to be provided with enough tools as a server-side programming language must have. Date object in, for example, C# has many members and functions that allow us to work around with the date in a very compact and easy way. For example, finding the age of a user by his age is as simple as,

var age = (DateTime.Now - dateOfBirth).TotalDays / 365.25; // Might require a cast
This, would give you the answer for age. For example if dateOfBirth holds my date of birth it would provide me with 19 as an answer. However, doing the same doesn’t work in JavaScript. Similarly, there is a function getMo…

Tools recommendation for beginners

Recently I have been collecting a few setups and details for beginners, so I thought I should first at least share the tools that are most wanted in programming. Among most blogs, a few things that are worth noting and investing is the IDE that you use regularly to write applications. Make sure it has everything a programmer needs, make sure you don't have to install a third-party product to start working.

I have recently changed my Wordpress blog for programmers' page, and added more details to it. Beginners in following fields can get details on which tools to use to start their programming. Once they have learnt, they can continue to use their own choice, mostly because you will find a lot of guidance, tips and other startup recommendations from other experts. That is why, you should use the product that is highly used and recommended by experts (personally, I am no expert!).
Windows programmingAndroid programmingJava programmingMisc programming guides You can read the page…

Hello, Programmers!

For past few months or a year as a whole I have not been active on Blogger instead I have been working around my learning processes through MSDN, CodeProject, C# Corner and a few other resources, mostly personal. So, now that I know a bit about programming I thought I should start my progress back on Blogger also.

So, this is it for programmers and developers all across the globe. I would be sharing my articles, code samples, projects and other news and resources on Blogger also. You can follow the blog right away to receive the upcoming feeds.

In the meantime, you can review my profiles on different social networks for programmers and check out if the profiles have some good content for you.

MSDN -- Microsoft Developer NetworkCodeProjectC# Corner Do not forget to read the resources provided and to share it with other friends. I am (in the meantime) also writing a book for C# beginners, titled (as of now) as "Visual C# -- Beginners Guide" which is yet to be released soon. Wa…

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