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Node.js web development with Visual Studio Code

Node.js is a JavaScript framework for web development, and high-performant and scalable APIs. I got introduced with the Node.js a few months ago, and ever since I am in love with the framework itself -- despite the fact that I hate JavaScript.

In this video I cover most common things for web development with Node.js, such as what you need to get started with Node.js development. I used,

Express frameworkPug templating engine To build the basic web server. I was unable to finish off with the Pug templating framework and I will start with Pug in the next video as soon as that goes live. 
The source code for this is available at,, you can use that code as you wish.

PyCharm vs Visual Studio Code for Python Development

One of the most primary questions in the minds of a development startup, a beginner, is which language to use, and Okay, if I do have a language, which IDE to consider using with it? These are merely the questions, it goes down in the stack to understand more about different aspects of the IDE, such as,
ProductivityPerformanceExtensions and Add-onsEase of useLearning scope And much more. All these key points are focused toward the development of a software engineer, as he gets to understand how to develop a vital piece of software. For the time being, I have just started out with Python development. Before you start asking me, why I did that:  Python is amazing.Python is being used for many machine learning libraries.Python is portable (just like .NET Core, which is my first love)Scripting is sometimes fun with Python (as compared to bash, command prompt or PowerShell)Open Source software love Python (Blender, GIMP, TensorFlow, etc. etc. etc.).  Long story short, Python is a great lang…

My Review of Free Cloud Hosting with Heroku

I recently had an opportunity to try out the Heroku platform that I had cheated on a few years ago 一 when Facebook initially started out working out with Facebook apps, I created an account with Heroku platform, and didn't get a chance to try them out.

The Heroku platform deserved a try out, and so I did. For those who don't know, Heroku platform is a cloud hosting platform, owned by Salesforce now.
Overview of the review I was initially impressed by the overall service they provide. Heroku is one of the cloud platforms, that I have tried and enjoyed working with. But it comes with its own flaws, and I understand all of them too. The basic app that I had created to try and test on the platform was known as Friend Knower, it is a simple app written in Node.js runtime with SQLite databases to support the development practices and to ensure things go quite well. 
I will not be talking about the development patterns, or practices, because for that I have a separate article coming…

Published Speak It! App, a Text-To-Speech and OCR scanner app for Android

Writing software, creating applications, generating some major projects with good image processing, machine learning stuff... Has never been any problem to me. But, when it comes to publishing a software in production, I have always been shy, afraid (of reviews like, "what the heck is this?") and underwater for various reasons.

Anyways, I have recently started to push apps in production as well, I started at Windows Store and now Android's Play Store as well. Recently, a text-to-speech application is being pushed out, and since this is the first version there would be several bugs or missing-features, please bear with me. Nonetheless, the application currently does feature a few services that would be useful as of now,

Android text-to-speech service, that lets you convert your text to speech. I implemented the service in a simple manner, that let me stream the content right away! OCR scanner to scan your images, application at the moment also supports camera activity. Sp…

Understanding the Azure Cosmos Db

Microsoft recently introduced, Azure Cosmos Db accounts in their Build 2017. Who doesn't like a successful Build, and personally saying there were so many excellent announcements made at Build, that it has been intriguing almost everyone to know more about the products Microsoft is offering now. Among them is the Azure Cosmos Db. So, in this post I will give a million-feet overview, that you can read in under 5 minutes to fully understand what Azure Cosmos Db is all about.
What is Azure Cosmos Db First thing to understand is that, Azure Cosmos Db is a wrapper around all the models that developers are using currently. Following are only a few of the models implemented by developers all across the globe,  Relational models -- the SQL databases.NoSQL models -- Azure already has a NoSQL model, DocumentDB. Key-value pairs -- Typically apart from NoSQL, Key-value pairs are highly used for data interchanging; such as in JSON documents. Graph etc -- Gremlin was mentioned to be existing. H…

Integrating Azure Application Insights in ASP.NET Core web app


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