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Formatting and working with Date objects in JavaScript

Recently I have posted a new article on C# Corner about date objects in JavaScript. I have always found more questions from beginners about Date objects in JavaScript, as compared to questions for Date objects in a server-side language.

Date object in JavaScript has many things that cause it to lag behind Date objects in server-side languages. Or maybe, it is true to say that JavaScript doesn't need to be provided with enough tools as a server-side programming language must have. Date object in, for example, C# has many members and functions that allow us to work around with the date in a very compact and easy way. For example, finding the age of a user by his age is as simple as,

var age = (DateTime.Now - dateOfBirth).TotalDays / 365.25; // Might require a cast

This, would give you the answer for age. For example if dateOfBirth holds my date of birth it would provide me with 19 as an answer. However, doing the same doesn’t work in JavaScript. Similarly, there is a function getMonth in JavaScript’s Date object. Which provides you with (zero based) Number for the month; starting with January at zero. So, to write the dates in a formatted way you would again need to use some other function to get the month’s name in string.

I have written an article on C# Corner, that covers these two topics. You can read the article at, Calculating and Formatting Date in JavaScript (I think, the title would have been, “Formatting the Date and Calculating age in JavaScript“, well authors don't follow my words).

  1. Formatting date in JavaScript.
  2. Calculating the age of user in JavaScript.

Read the article, provide with feedback and share it. :-)


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