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Published Speak It! App, a Text-To-Speech and OCR scanner app for Android

Writing software, creating applications, generating some major projects with good image processing, machine learning stuff... Has never been any problem to me. But, when it comes to publishing a software in production, I have always been shy, afraid (of reviews like, "what the heck is this?") and underwater for various reasons.

Anyways, I have recently started to push apps in production as well, I started at Windows Store and now Android's Play Store as well. Recently, a text-to-speech application is being pushed out, and since this is the first version there would be several bugs or missing-features, please bear with me. Nonetheless, the application currently does feature a few services that would be useful as of now,

  1. Android text-to-speech service, that lets you convert your text to speech. I implemented the service in a simple manner, that let me stream the content right away! 
  2. OCR scanner to scan your images, application at the moment also supports camera activity. 
  3. Speech storage to files. Android TTS generates the speech, which then gets stored to the files that you can later on listen to. 
  4. I am currently working on quite a few other features, such as voice profiles, that would be implemented soon as well as ebook readers. 
Also, there would be an update to the Windows Store alternate of this app, I am also willing to update the UI of the application as well as the services that are currently being supported in the application. 

Speak It! App logo image.

You can try it out from Google Play Store! Let me know what you think...


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