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My 4-video overview of Visual Studio Team Services

I had been working on Git environments previously and was able to get my hands dirty with VS Team Services a while ago, while I never used TFS, I thought I should give it a go indeed to see if I can "learn it." Indeed I did learn and personally saying, it was not as much tough as I had thought of it to be.

So, if you are a beginner I have something for you, if you are struggling with VS Team Services, you are also addressed, kindly have a look at my YouTube series that takes you from zero to hero in VS Team Services in a matter of only few hours and a free account from Visual Studio.

Part 1: Introduction

This part provides you with an overview of the service itself. It shows you, how to navigate here and there in the service online, how to setup a few things and how to interact with the service portal itself. Watch the video on YouTube

Part 2: Developing with VSTS

In this video, I head over to basically explain how you can develop your applications in remote teams and then merge them together to provide a flexible way and mean for your team to collaborate. I explain how the overall, source control thing can come to handy. 

The same video contains a little introduction to Build definitions in VSTS, how you can create multiple build definitions to support your projects etc. Watch video on YouTube

Part 3: How to understand Build results

Often it can be a bit frustrating to understand how your project was built, where the binaries are generated. In this module, I talk about after-build stuff only, watch on YouTube

Part 4: Continuous Integration/Deployment for your projects

No DevOps can be a complete suite, if they do not talk about CI/CD in detail and provide the services for this. In my (until now) final video, I talk about this topic in detail. 

I used Microsoft Azure App Service to be used as a deployment target. If you would like to know how, watch the video on YouTube

For more videos, kindly leave a message and I would love to make a tutorial for that. 

'Til next time.


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